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World Class Graylings

Once were old Sami man sitting next to campfire slurping coffee. He whispered a secret. There is a virgin lake in tundra where really huge graylings are swimming, ...

Preface: Middle of August 2011 we saw that lake. Everyone of our group get there new grayling records. Some of graylings where really fat and huge indeed.



I feel that i´m floating on the sky. I have reach clear sky. I sit up of light swinging. Above me is three wings of helicopter. There is tundra scenery that far I can see.

Our pilot very professional, he definitely knows what he is doing. Next to him sit our guide Aki Huhtanen. Aki shows some place to pilot and then he checks the map and landing starts to nearest lake. I wondering how Aki and pilot find the right place of all these lakes.


Our group is sitting in the back seat. I, my wife and mother in law and of cource our two dogs. We all are crazy about fishing and outdoor life. That´s way we almost drown our equipments.

Helicopter take off and flyes away. We won´t see that of few days. At first Aki makes coffee by campfire for us. After that we set up our lavvus and camp next to the lake. It´s quit windy wheather i think. But Aki says that isn´t the worst weather when he were setting up the lavvu.


I will go to the cape cam and start fishing graylings with mini streamers. Back wind is hard but I managed throw some kind of backcasts. I wade little bit further, dark and deep edge stops me. Then suddenly first fish eat the fly. Fourth class flyfishing rod bend wierdly. It bend more now than whole past summer. Our trip the first grayling is catched . I put it on the net and get it up. It´s 48 cm long and it´s quite huge. I get two graylings more and then comes silence.

Next place all graylings are bigger. In lake there is over halv meter long. The biggest grayling was 58 cm, that was my wife catch. Her fly was born in Finnmark.

Later in afternoon I changed the rod and tied huge dryfly, lemming. The dryfly works and I get 45 cm, two of 48 cm, one 51 cm graylings. My day record was 53,5 cm long roly-poly grayling!


It is evening 15th of August. We watch the most beautiful sunset. The all colors shows glowing all kind of red and orange. In the middle of night is quite twilight. Aki whispers to us –It is Magic night, ...


In the morning our breakfast is reindeer sandwitches and more than one cup black pot coffee.
After breakfast I go to fishing and get graylings of 50cm and 54cm long. That day record fish was 56,6 cm long, FLYING GRAYLING!


Later that day My mother in law goes with Aki. They goes by canoe. She gets the biggest grayling 48 cm long in her life.

My wife had never be in tundra with fishing rod. She sead that she wants new experience and she get bags of those in up in tundra!

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