sunnuntai 5. joulukuuta 2010

Record grayling on a dry!

My dream came true! I caught 2,12 kilo GRAYLING on a dry

Many years ago I had heard the old Sámi people that there is a "Forgotten lake" in Tundra, where the graylings eat gold and grow really large, even 3000grams! I thought that everything is just a story, ...

... But I did not get the story out of my mind. I saw the dreams many time about the lake,...

8 September 2010. I was in "Forgotten lake". The evening it was fine. Warm weather +15C. The most beautiful Autum colors shine,... sun sets behind the hills and water butterflies rising up, ...

Then I noticed that really huge grayling rise to the surface right on the beachfront. That was the moment for the gray Europa 12 dry! On the leader and out! ....wait...wait.. and PAM!!! My dream was realized even though it is not even figured out! Really really FAT Grayling 2120grams and 58cm it was in my hands!


The date was perfect for great Northern Lights which rising up the sky after the sun set! I cried, I was so happy! Forgotten lake is true!

Europa 12

Tight lines, Aki Huhtanen