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Fly fishing and river rafting on the amazing River Könkämäeno

River Könkämäeno is one of the Finland`s best large grayling and trout river. Könkämäeno runs south from Kilpisjärvi Lake. From the altitude of 473 metres it flows 90km through the rugged highlands down to 142metres. Where Lätäseno River meets with Könkämäeno above village Kaaresuvanto there river becomes the great River Muonio. 

As we were ready packing our equipment we started the trip, checking out good grayling spots after a long winter. Having Arried at the first rapids we were supposed to raft down it was nothing more than paddle, paddle... The water level was on a "nice" high and it was a lot of fun going down on the waves of the Pättikä rapids. Just some minutes downstream of the rapids we started to fish in a calm area with crystal clear water and perfect stoney-rocky bottom. A perfect place for nice wilderness grayling on the hunt for dry flies. The water was just 30 - 50 cm high; Perfect! While all the others started fish with drys I put on an Grayling Land olive/yellow leech. We got some nice grayling between 25- 40 cm of which we took two for our dinner. Everybody knows that food tastes better outdoors but a fresh self-caught grayling in the amazing nature under the midnight sun is just unbeatable! 

We sat on the shores and talked about all the world and his brother as I recognized some rising going on... that was the moment for the Kaijakka dry! on the leader and out! ....wait...wait.. and PAM!!! A perfect coloured, beautiful grayling of 53 cm! This is what we came for! The fish was hooked just in the edge of the mouth wit a barbless hook of size #16. 

....after I held it carefully in the current I released it back into the streams of the Könkämäeno River for a longer life and a possible reunion on our next trip... 

We continued our trip to the planed point of the overnight stay..... As we arrived at the neck of the Rautukurkkio rapids I tell the told the guys that I was gonna take out the fish and prepare the camp side while they should freely continue to fish in the rapid´s neck area. 

NICE GRAYLING of the Rautokurkkio rapids neck!!! C & R!!!

Wilderness food about to get ready! 

Night fishing under the midnight sun! About 01.00 AM.

Mosquitos are not really here yet... So we just decided to spend the night under the clear sky.

We wake up at not until about 11 o´clock, put on coffee and hurried to the rivershore to try for some nice grayling that are usualy there, at least one... And here it was ! :) C&R !!

...time to continue the trip, ahead the wonderful rapids of Rautukurkkio.We went along the shoreline and checked the rapid´s worst spots, as it is classified as a 3 - 4 class rapid and we definately don´t want to turn over the raft! 

We stop from time to time to fish the best places. FAT Grayling after the rapids!

A beautiful dot back released to freedom.... 

Caddis fly. 


At the goal of the journey... north part of Lake Kelottijärvi.... We safed some time as everybody was tired but happy... so we just decided to take up the raft allready some 2 km upstream of our destinaton. .... no need to paddle any more.... we had some of it though... :) ...and the driver was waiting with cold drinks! :) 

The best flies of trip were the Grayling land leech and the Kaijakka. 

Grayling Land leetch: hook size 4 - 6. black tail and some flash. brown body hackle. olive-yellow thorax. gold bead head ( worth trying also neon green or orange ) 

Kaijakka. Dry fly. dry fly hook size 8-12. brown hackle. olive-yellow body. yellow head

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